Lifewise is Committed to the Raising of Individual and Collective Consciousness

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 10pm London, UK


We are more than we realise and collectively we require re-membering, re-discovery and healing of our selves and therefore ALL.  Love first, WE ARE ONE.   
Lifewise Collective contributes to the raising of consciousness via talks, shows, group work (young people and adults), discussion based projects, one to one talking therapy and healing sessions (spiritual, emotional and physical). 
Across the societal board statistics consistently show that our social systems have reached a peak with endless evidence of adults in authority and in general making unconscious level choices based on the teachings of old - teachings that have lead us down a dark and lonely path.  There are good people in bad places and the opposite but the overwhelming evidence of loneliness, anxiety, depression in our young, leading to adulthood renders us making poor life choices, based on previous and the knock-on effect is evident - we could be better.  Indeed we already are, just covered in multiple layers of....
We believe the tired and outdated approaches to working with young people and the knock-on effects as adults needs addressing and the Lifewise Collective™ projects meet that objective.   
Lifewise aims to positively build on the fundamental working of people and build on underused innate natural skills to actively improve the flow of life, using a variety of techniques and information to achieve a natural balance; leaving one wondering, 'what if I...' 
Among our tools we use
  • Meditation 
  • Breathe and breathing 
  • Intention
  • Talking / discussion 
  • Inspiration sessions 
  • Energy and vibration innerstanding and technique
  • Healing modalities 
Once there is innerstanding of the natural self there comes self responsibility, joy, bliss, determination, your version of success, for all.  Times that by however many and we have ourselves an environment we can be truly proud of - Humans, being. 
Through our various programmes there might be something you resonate with (or maybe someone you know)?  Simply get in touch with your query. 
Lifewise is growing and currently we offer
  • Lifewise Fundamentals course 
  • Lifewise 1:1 Support sessions (19+)
  • Lifewise Mentoring (11-19)
  • Lifewise Open Voice 
  • Quantum Touch Energy Healing
  • Other holistic services 
The unnecessary pressures on humans and the world we share at this time require vast improvement.  Indeed the vibratory level of our kind requires raising right now and for the future. 
Look around, check out the various tabs and feel free to contact.  All love, Joff  

The strands to Lifewise - a brief summary;

  1. Lifewise Fundamentals –  5 session course (2hrs per session) underpinning awareness, balance, our energetic self, mindfulness and well-being.  This innovative and inspirational program touches upon the less discussed areas of human personal and collective consciousness, energy, forgotten and undervalued human skills.  Re-discovery, healing and ownership of the self. 

  2. Lifewise Mentoring – friendly and personable 1:1 sessions for young people (11-19) with a professional mentoring approach and a personalised Lifewise development plan giving traditional mentoring a revamp.

  3. Lifewise Outdoors – learn the benefits of being outdoors and our connection with nature.  Spend quality reflective and inspirational time amongst nature, connecting with our natural environment.  This is an endlessly beneficial experience on multiple levels.  Nature connection is key.  This is a small group 1, 2, or 3 day course. 

  4. (NEW for 2019) Lifewise 1:1 Support - conventional systems not worked the way you thought would?  These sessions support the adult (19+) through re-discovering your best self and maintaining that you.  The little improvements we make now count. 

  5. (NEW for 2019) Lifewise Open Voice - discussion based group work exploring the stranger, almost fictional sides of life that make up 98% of our existence.  Explore consciousness, reality, intention and the links that bring us together. 

How can Lifewise benefit you?

Do you or someone you know suffer with what could have been preventable life conditions?

  • If yes then our personable approach meets the person on their level and supports working through feelings and experiences.

  • Through our friendly and progressive approach we create a space for the person to grow organically; less held back by outside influences - giving you back to you. 

  • See contact to make a booking or free consultation.