Lifewise Collective is a Restorative Well-being focus dedicated to seeking balance, harmony and oneness in all things - natures way.  We accomplish this through... 
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Introductory Classes On Consciousness and Innerstanding - 'Fundamentals'
  • Discussion Groups - Open Voice and LCE-OG - Lifewise Consciousness Education - Open Group
  • Lifewise Radio Show on the News For The Soul radio network 
  • Holistic services   
We are more than we realise and collectively we require re-membering, re-discovery and healing of our selves and therefore ALL.  Oneness - WE ARE OF ONE, time to live like you know it.   
Across the societal board statistics consistently show that our social systems have reached a peak with endless evidence of adults (a-dolt) in authority and in general making unconscious level choices based on the teachings of old - teachings that have lead us down a dark and lonely path.  There are good people in bad places and the opposite is also true but the overwhelming evidence of loneliness, anxiety, depression in our young leading into a-dolthood renders us making poor life choices - we could do better.  
We believe the tired and outdated approaches to working with young people and the knock-on effects as adults needs addressing and the Lifewise Collective™ meets that objective.   
Lifewise positively builds on the fundamental working of people and build on underused innate natural skills to actively improve the flow of life.  We use a variety of practical tools and techniques and information to achieve a more harmonious you. 
We explore:
  • Meditation 
  • Awareness tools
  • Nature connection
  • Symbiosis and sychronicity 
  • Personal cultivation
  • The self as a whole being  
  • Our being as cosmos 
  • Breathe and breathing for awareness and health 
  • Intention exercises 
  • Energy healing  
  • Holistic modalities 
  • Hidden information 
Through our various programmes there may be something that resonates with you or maybe someone you know.  Simply get in touch to take further. 
The unnecessary pressures on humans and the world we share at this time require vast improvement.  Indeed the vibratory level of our kind requires meeting a centered self now and for the future. 
Love all-ways, Joff  

The strands to Lifewise - a brief summary;

  1. Holistic Therapies - Quantum Touch Energy Healing - Full Body Swedish Massage - Indian Head Massage - Certified and experienced energy healing and massage modalities to help the physical self.  

  2. Introductory Classes on Consciousness and Innerstanding - Fundamentals –  This course underpins awareness, our energetic self, our connection to all things and overall well-being.  This innovative, transformative and inspirational program explores the non-material, non-physical connections we share  and the effects on the emotional and physical self. 

  3. Lifewise Personal Mentoring – In unbalanced times we under-perform, lead to and by the wrong people and situations, get angry, often acting on that - making the issue worse than what it was before.  The personal mentoring sessions seek personal balance, harmony and awareness for the individual utilising our progressive and unique approach.

  4. Lifewise Outdoors – Nature connection is key.  Learn the benefits of being outdoors and our connection with nature.  Forage, laugh, learn and connect with nature.  Contact for details. 

  5. Discussion Groups - Lifewise Open Voice; L-CET OG and Whatsapp Group Open Voice explores the non-physical, non-material 98% of our existence.  Discuss and explore consciousness, reality, intention and a lot more eye opening and validated info.  L-CET OG is the Lifewise Consciousness Education Training Open Group. Run fortnightly seeking balance, harmony and unity in life decisions for the individual.  The Lifewise Collective Whatsapp group keeps on the pulse of what is happening in the world, sharing beneficial info and guiding each other in seeking balance, harmony and oneness. Special invite only.  Contact for all further info.

How can Lifewise benefit you?


Through our personable and progressive approach we create space for the individual to grow organically; less held back by outside influences - giving you back to you. 


Contact  and make the next step

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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