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Lifewise Radio Show on News for the Soul radio network
Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 10pm GMT/2pm PST Lifewise has it's very own hour, no adverts show on the long time running News for the Soul radio produced by the talented Nicole Whitney. 
With the hour we discuss topics on what is it that makes a life, wise.  We invite guests along for the ride and explore the non-material/non-physical sides of life and where it meets the everyday us. 
See the links below, get involved and enjoy the ride. 
Join me and guests in this wild ride every third Thursday of the month, 2pm PT / 10pm BST
News for the Soul
Every 3rd Thursday of the month (10pm GMT) you can Listen Live at...
Archive shows...
I am improving and streamlining the website which will also give detail on previous guests. 
Coming soon (16th July) - Matt Presti
We are truly honored to have the formidable Matt Presti, Metascientist, Musician, Philosopher, Poet, Practitioner of Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, audio and video producer, broadcaster/host of the series INNERVIEWS and The Exploration of Consciousness (TEC). Currently serving as President of the University of Science and Philosophy, formerly the Walter Russell Foundation since Jan 1st, 2016 - on our humble show. 
-- More details to come -- 
Lifewise Radio, June 2020 - Laurel Airica
Word Magic Mistress, the amazing Laurel Airica - click listen live or archive links above to listen. 
'Linguistic Evolutionary Laurel Airica is the creator of WordMagic Global: WordPlay That Unravels Mass Hypnosis and Elevates the Frequency of Consciousness.

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Quantum Touch Energy Healing 
Are you or anyone you know suffering issues of the body, mind or spirit?  It may come as a surprise but the healing power of loving-kindness is a projectable from one person to another - with dramatic effect.
I offer healing sessions of Quantum Touch Energy Healing which is a highly effective healing modality and can help vastly lessen and in some cases completely eliminate pain...and just of the physical. 
Quantum Touch Energy Healing is impressively effective, very gentle, light hands on or distant healing for anyone or any-thing with a life force.  That includes your animal companions and even plants.  You may have questions, so if you do then contact me - we're just a conversation away from getting better, gently but surely. 
See the Quantum Touch tab to book or simply email for more information. 
Be well, be-cause.
Lifewise Open Voice
Tokko Youth Space and Lifewise collaborate to run a number of projects at the Tokko venue, Luton, England.  Lifewise Open Voice was created to throw open the worlds of the mysterious, creative power, inspirational and a whole lot more. 
 See below for additional info. 
Lifewise projects are open to venues anywhere I can get (including Skype / Zoom sessions).
Feel free to contact your interest.  
Lifewise at Tokko Youth Space
Tokko Youth Space and Lifewise collaborate to run a number of projects at the Tokko, Luton, England. 
  • Mentoring
  • Outdoors programme
  • Fundamentals Course
  • Coming soon - Fundamentals accredited course
  • Open Voice group
  • L-CET OG (in person & online Consciousness Education) 
Our offer moves with what works best for the audience . 
Lifewise projects are open to people and venues anywhere (including online sessions).
Contact  for more info. 
Lifewise Mentoring

Lifewise Mentoring is a non-clinical, 1-2-1, talking based approach which specialises in wholistic approaches to betterment by exploring the non-physical/non-material experiences of life and where this meets the emotional and physical self.

Clients typically engage in 1 hour per session per week, dropping down to bi-weekly leading to a monthly check in to where they want to be.  However this is a flexible journey so contact for more info. 

We remind the client of fundamental information that has been largely missed or not valued by many, which has heavily and negatively impacted us from an early age.  This talking therapy builds a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.  Learning practical tools to use in everyday life - giving you back to you.

Lifewise projects are open to venues anywhere I can physically get to and can also include Skype sessions. 
Contact with your interest or book.  
Lifewise One to One Support 
Accompanying but not limited to our energy healing sessions  is our 1-2-1 support sessions; making sense of the often bizzarely positive healing experiences people can have.
We can all feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed or reactionary at times.  Our daily environment shapes who we are and can turn on a dime rendering us half the person we were just yesterday.  How did this all happen and what's next?!
Exploring and walking the 'inner journey' is of colossal value and these sessions do just that.  The client integrates life experience with new ways of seeing the situation(s) and creating a different path. 
We understand that without constant awareness of our personal environment we are at the whim of others which can take control of our lives, draining the very living energy from us.  It need not be that way. 
In person or Skype sessions. 
Feel free to contact your interest or book.  
I am qualified in youth, community (BA Hons), informal teaching, mentoring, holistic and energy healing modalilties and with a combined 20 years experience and positive feedback I have your interests at heart. 
Wholistic Gym
Spiritual Personal Training, guidance and support in every aspect of being to raise your personal vibration and therefore that of others in your sphere.  A personal gym with a big difference. 
Lifewise projects are open to venues anywhere I can get (including Skype sessions).
Feel free to contact your interest or book.  
Awakening Ones
Adjusting to the 'shift' and finding balance between harsh realities and the beautiful new you?
Shift happens, no need to let it completely hit your fan.
We are in deeply interesting times, to say the very least.  The unconsciousmess (closed mindedness) of yesteryear is swiftly rising to the surface - and as this all changes there are many waking to what needs to be done.  We are one. 
More and more people are experiencing an awakening experience of varying proportions but it's happening can feel lonely and very tricky navigate.  Feeling extra sensitive?  Big personal change taking place?  Aligning with a greater consciousness?  Distancing yourself from an 'old world' and seeking a new you?  Chopping off the dead wood that holds you back?  Eyes firmly open to the collective state we're in?
As someone who has first hand experienced deeply and still navigating, it's one heck of a journey for one and therefore these personal or group sessions are designed to share this time with like-minded navigators.  
Sometimes it's jaw droppingly exquisite experience (and dare say, a bit much) whilst other times it is just plain raw and 'real'.

It's a time when being aware of such a broad picture equates to growth and all of us are a part of this global wake up call.  Let's do this with care and confidence.  
Lifewise projects are open to people & venues anywhere in the world (including Skype / Zoom sessions).
Feel free to contact your interest. 
Lifewise Fundamentals
Developing new foundations of being, finding balance, creating a new reality is what this program is about.  
You will re-build personal foundations, re-discover that divine familiar you based on impressive people in the various fields of consciousness, the body and connection - throughout the ages .  You will learn tools to navigate life’s imbalances that much better and use in everyday life - giving you, back to you.   
Lifewise projects are open to people & venues anywhere in the world (including Skype / Zoom sessions).
Feel free to contact your interest or book.  
The Toolkit
The Lifewise Toolkit was created as part of the Lifewise Fundamentals project of which has been added as a bite-size workshop. 
From the moment we are born we are a blank sheet of paper - on a real level, full of potential.  The unused personal tool kit is there to be re-discovered, honed and practiced and handy when done with caring guidance and support from those who have gone before.  Discernment is everything. 
It is an issue to find that from that Earth introductory moment we are surrounded by specialists, professionals and others who 'offer' their services rendering us dependent as opposed to dependent on ourselves.  Down the line this approach leads to concerns, problems and symptoms in most areas of life where the promise of care (mostly for profit) turns out to be a red herring (i.e. not so good as first sold).  Sound familiar? 
The Lifewise Toolkit is a practical guide that works towards the individual getting self-control back, more autonomy and less reliance on other spheres of influence - giving you back to you. 
Lifewise projects are open to people & venues anywhere in the world (including Skype / Zoom sessions).
Feel free to contact your interest or book.  

Swedish Full-Body Massage

This is a deeply relaxing and welcomed addition to the world of massage.  However if you are a seasoned receiver of massage then you'll already appreciate the many benefits to Swedish Full Body Massage (SFBM) has to offer. 


This is a full body massage and being anatomy and physiology based modality it invigorates the skin, muscle and circulatory system; as well as give a measure of pain relief.  

Our service is mobile so we are able to come to you or we can use one of the venues we have used along our 20 year journey. 

There is also the option to include Quantum Touch Energy Medicine techniques for additional all over healing alongside massage.  Contact for further details. 

The sessions are usually 1 - 1.5 hours at competitive rates. 


Contact  to book a session.  

Indian Head Massage

Introduced to the UK in the 1970's this Indian massage modality is an integral part to the Ayurvedic Healing System. 

It is a technique which manipulates soft tissues in the shoulders and scalp. Various massage pressures and rhythms stimulate the head and neck area to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Typically our Indian Head Massage sessions begin with working on the the upper back and shoulders of the client. A combination of deep massage techniques and using pressure on release points helps to relax and loosen the muscles, relieve tension and stress; leading to relax and revive the entire head and scalp.

There is also the option to include Quantum Touch Energy Medicine techniques for additional all over healing alongside Indian Head Massage.  Contact for further details. 

A typical massage lasts approximately 30 minutes at competitive rates. 

Conntact  to book a session.   

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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