Success Stories

Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the support of the Lifewise

Fundamentals Short Course

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"I can’t thank you enough.  Before I started the Lifewise program, I wasn’t in a good place mentally.  I was struggling with home life and with socialising/friends.  As a result of this I resulted to self-harming as I thought it was my only option.  Lifewise has opened my eyes - I look forward to the sessions.  I’m now proud to say that I am 6wks without self-harm.  I’m proud of my sexuality.  Thank you for everything, keep being awesome and I hope we meet again."  /// KJ

"I feel like these sessions have really helped me.  It has opened my mind up to so many different things.  Sessions I enjoyed most were the crystals session where we played with crystals / pendulums and their meaning and uses.

I would have liked to have gone outdoors and have more sessions because I enjoyed it so much.  Thank you so much."    /// WM

"I’ve enjoyed talking and learning about ways of helping yourself and meditation, and being in a small group.  I wouldn’t change anything about the sessions as they have all been really enjoyable."  ///ZH

"I liked learning some strategies.  I would focus it more on a couple of things than lots of things."  ///HE

"I realise we have the tools to make life better.  We must train ourselves to use them."  ///PM

Mind-set Coaching

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“I was skeptical thinking that Lifewise Mind-set Coaching could take away my ticks but they have simply gone!  The usual triggers don't work - I've tried.  I am so grateful and just in time for my start of University"

LJ, 18yrs 


In a single 2hr session with Lifewise I feel it has had more of an effect than I did from years of sessions with psychologists/therapists and counsellors over the many years I have been seeing them. 

The sessions feel more like an exchange of knowledge rather than someone telling you what to do; and as obstacles are met you are changed as to how you now deal with them. The environment is not one that is clinical so I feel more comfortable.  The approach meets me on my level and I was seen as a person and not a ‘sickness’.”  ///BH, 20yrs

"I have changed over the last couple of months, when we started to meet for the 1:1 sessions.  I was quite shy person and worried to voice my opinion and to talk to others but I have come some way to overcome this.

It took time but looking back I do now what I could not do previously without any worry or fear.  I have become a more confident and less worried about little things. 

The Lifewise Mentoring sessions also helped me view the world differently; he helped me understand what is really important and what I should focus on.

 Every time we end up in conversation it never stops; the guy is so full of knowledge and information I always leave with a smile.  What I am most grateful for is that he always believes in me and knows I will be something good.  A big thank you."  ///KS, 18yrs

"EB is really enjoying the sessions, is always keen to come and always comes out buzzing.  I think for her it needed to be something that was about her and not feeling she had to report in each time.

On asking her today she says 'she really enjoys going as its fun and that she feels less stressed when she is there, as she feels somebody is listening to her.  She can talk to Mum, but doesn't want to worry or upset her, when she already has enough to deal with at home.


I have noticed that she seems to generally be dealing with life better, she is less angry and tearful.  I can see that she generally has a more positive outlook on life and is keen to push forward with her studies.  

With regards to moving forward the sessions are really good for her and she (and I) have been looking for strategies to deal with her anxieties and to come to terms with the fact she can't change situations or other people." 


"We are both so grateful for everything Lifewise Mind-set Coaching has done for her, the positive approach, energy and personality are good for her to be around."   ///DB (mum)

"I feel Lifewise has helped me quite a lot; the mudra’s have helped me fall asleep at night…and when dealing with insomnia is a very good thing.  I feel there is an understanding on the flow of personal relationships and I am able to learn tools to better manage them. 

Unlike other more clinical or traditional routes I feel the Lifewise approach and atmosphere is relaxed and informal (which is what I need).  This is in comparison to previous counselling experience of feeling tense, intimidated, feeling put on the spot and judged and put down by the ‘professional’ in a room that was too dark and cold, which actually created panic attacks in me.  What I have really enjoyed is talking through and getting some understanding of the unexplainable experiences I have had in my life.  This has been a great help."   ///SMK

"Our one to one meetings have always been an interesting experience, you can become aware of personal tools, all the weird and wonderful, but more importantly, simple to use. The most important tool I have been introduced to is ‘watching the thinker’. This has helped me to realise that my consciousness isn’t  directly connected with my thoughts and how I think. Fear and anger are very easy emotions to indulge and since being involved with Lifewise I have learned to manage these emotions and also understand the nature of my thoughts, ultimately learning more about myself and how I can benefit from knowing."  ///TMc

"I wish something like this was about when my boy was in 6th Form.  As mum I had to deal with difficulties from a distance when he may have been able to share and learn more effective tools to deal with what he was going through rather than what he was subjected to with traditional 'support' that in his experience seemed to do more harm than good."  ///LF (mum)

"I suffer with high levels of anxiety which can physically affect me.  There have been times when I literally couldn't breathe and through Lifewise I was introduced to breathing techniques which I use and have encouraged others to use.  Lifewise has been a journey of learning for me; there are so many different tools to explore so I feel like it can accommodate anyone.  I had a massive connection with the mudras and learning about their uses has been insightful and effective.  It's something I use daily to relax.  

Lifewise is a program I think should be introduced to everyone - it's like your personal mental health first aid box which you can access any time."  ///SA

Outdoors Experience

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"We had fun learning new outdoors skills, enjoyed foraging and identifying plants and learning to connect with nature, I had a great time."  ///LIF group 

"In very cold weather we were grateful to have learned the skills to create a fire, prepare the different wood sizes and construct a fire for warmth.  We made hot chocolate, schmores (fired marshmallows between two choccy biscuits).  We identified trees, plants and why they are useful.  We learned to quiet down and observe nature.  A fun and adventurous experience."  ///FB group