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Can Lifewise help your business?  We help shape the happy, healthy and strong longevity of the work force not for productivity (though this is a healthy by-product) but for the individual which leads to someone who wants to come to work and be of value, largely because they feel of value.  
The shared workplace, the place we spend a large portion of our daily life and navigating the workplace speak without wanting to maim someone or some-thing has a large impact on every angle of our life - our epigenetics (as Dr Bruce Lipton would say).  Challenging times happen (constantly) it's true, and learning to get less embroiled in others 'spheres' is essential if we are to be our best for ourselves and those around us. 
We can feel lost, stuck, reactionary, misguided, empty or dis-eased at any point in our life over just about anything and the knock-on effect in our everyday work place can get a bit much.  Lifewise Staff Training see's the person as they want to be and creates a plan to work towards that ensuring positive results.  So, the big questions, what do you want?  What's missing?  What needs to go?  How do you want to be?
Due to high demands on just about everybody from...choose an angle, we are currently largely undervalued and the only person giving you back to you...with a little guidance and support from Lifewise along the way :)
In these sessions we...
  • Celebrate the person for who they are and want to be
  • Help shift out from unhelpful repetitive patterns
  • Learn how better manage the unhelpful viewpoints of others whilst building a stronger foundation for their own
  • Learn breathing techniques to enrich the self
  • Learn meditation techniques to enrich the self
  • Learn techniques towards living the day like a holiday instead of waiting for one 
  • Learn that it is you with the answers you are looking for
  • Learn how to be aware and utilise life's subtle skills and abilities and test in everyday life and the workplace
  • Learn a variety of 'tools' to practice and add to your day
  • Feel immediate results
  • Learn to give yourself back to yourself
Lifewise Staff Training is on an individual or group basis and at whole day or 1:1 rates.  Simply contact if you are interested.  
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