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Awakening Ones

For those adjusting to the 'shift'

  • 1 hour
  • Free / donation
  • The venue will be discussed and arranged with the client

Service Description

We are in very interesting times, to say the least. More and more people are experiencing an awakening of varying proportions but it's happening and at times can be a very tricky time no navigate. One can feeling more sensitive; be observing sometimes radical personal change; aligning with a greater consciousness; distancing yourself from an 'old world'; getting rid of the dead wood that holds you down; eyes widely opened to the state we're in. It's one heck of a journey and it's good to share with those navigating a similar time of it. Sometimes it's jaw droppingly exquisite experience (and dare say, a bit much) whilst other times it is just plain raw and real. It's a time when being aware of such a large picture and all of us as part of it is very real, growing and in need of care and confidence. Make contact and get support along your journey.

Contact Details

07787 124452

Hertfordshire, UK

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