Quantum-Touch is a powerful energy healing technique that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as ‘chi’ in Chinese and ‘prana’ in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

Quantum-Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain , realigning structure, balancing organs, glands and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns, and so much more.

Quantum-Touch is easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of health professionals.

Richard Gordon, QT Founder


Quantum Touch Energy Healing is simple, effective, gentle and it works...and it can work for you too. To know we genuinely and innately have the tools to help heal each other physically, emotionally and 'other' for me deserved enquiry.  Discovering we have the ability to help heal ourselves and others is more than impressive - it's a revelation. 

Quantum Touch energy healing is a light touch or even no touch ('hands on') and also distant healing technique using certain breathing patterns which transfer healing energies from the field of all that is, to the client.  It is very gentle, non-invasive and is therefore very beneficial and accessible to all including the very young, elderly and those nearing the end of this journey. 

If you are experiencing pain, dis-ease of any sort relating to the whole person i.e. physical, emotional & spiritual please feel free to get in contact.  You may be just curious or even in the "I'll try anything" stage, do contact for further information.  Whilst it is hard to act on it may be one of the best moves you have made for a long time.  

Quantum Touch has been an important reason to why I created Lifewise (due to the very fact healing energies can be directly transferred from one sentient being to another).  Lifewise continues to evolve by experience. 

We are far more than we realise and personal experience has shown, on repeat, that we are that bigger 'field' we hear so much about and QT creates a healing conduit out of us...so we naturally can help heal each other, in real time. 

Just a few years ago I would have said this was a stretch and bordering on make believe but I have witnessed otherwise and know differently.  To know that those headache tablets and sachets etc are now secondary if not obsolete and in fact so are many previous ailments.  No big claim, just the facts. 

In a far broader perspective/reality we are indeed of far greater potential; therefore it's small wonder that QT is as effective as it is.  


The many people I've worked with up to this point have their own story of health and wellness to say and I urge you to have yours if you or anyone you know is suffering and the sound of Quantum Touch Energy Medicine resonates with you.

Distant Healing

At Lifewise we also offer distant healing for anyone, wherever you are in the world.  Distant healing works by the practitioner sending/directing specific healing intention to a 'target' utilising the field with similar breathing techniques and visualisation as touched on above.  All QT Practitioners are taught this method and it works effectively.  I am happy to offer distant healing alone or...

Power in numbers

Throughout my QT journey I have gathered an amazing group of QT healers who work together to send distant healing to anyone, anywhere in the world with effective results.

All that is needed from the client is a description of the health concern and a picture of the person for us to work with - we do the rest.  Sounds too simple?  It really can be that simple - nature is nothing but.  Our committed group work on targets to deliver a focused group healing session.  Contact for details. 

My Quantum Touch Practitioner profile 


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Consultation is FREE, simply get in touch


- Hands on sessions last 30mins - 1hr @ £45 per session (block bookings at cheaper rates).  This also includes an introductory / catch up conversation before and after the main session for any questions / feedback etc. 

- Distant healing sessions are @ £35 per session (block bookings at cheaper rates) 

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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