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What's mine in mind

Mine, mine, all mine!! We want stuff. Our ego wants to want stuff. It doesn't matter how much 'stuff' it gets, more is usually on the agenda.

The problem with this approach, aside from the fact that one can never get enough, it's usually on the back of someone else and we find it increasingly harder to maintain and control.

At this point it's no surprise to hear the phrase, 'what you own ends up owning you', and how true that can be. Take money itself for example. In 2019 we clearly need money to get by and make life that much more overtly interesting, livable and with more external options. There's a but....

When is enough money, enough money? When we have none/not enough we clearly need money to do the above yet when there's too much, a lot of life is spent paranoid and defending the very same money. Sounds exhausting! It seems to me that enough money is that I am not worrying about it. Too little and the concerns are there; too much and other issues come up.

It might be of value to maybe think of money as a power in itself. It's clearly not worth anything in itself; the value of the note / figure in itself as it's a representation, a receipt, a contract to pay the bearer the sum of....

There's no real value in the actual coin/note itself (even less since plastic replaced paper), more a power and a promise...a promise that the cannot be kept. I won't go into the nefarious world of centralised banking, usury, corruption etc as it doesn't take a genius to see where power and greed can take a person. I'm coming from the fact that without there being literal weight behind that note/coin then what's it worth?

Getting back to it, what's mine is mind. To have, to hold, to keep like it's mine leads one to a place of focus, focus on the usually external us - keeping us clothed in what's cool, new enough, seasonal etc. Things break, we get old, we break, we die (physically) and yet some other part of us seeks growth like it's not going out of fashion. This us costs nothing apart from time and focus to maintain and grow. The inner > outer us.

That lap-top, pad, phone etc this is being read on will spend a lot more of it's life broken/not existing than it will being a thing of use. Where I'm going with this is that keeping an eye on what you're holding of value is an interesting exercise. One that has the power to keep one aware that freedom from excess 'stuff' is a release.

I have found that releasing my 'stuff' to those that could do with it more than I has rendered my life not so much a squash and a squeeze as the great book (of the same title) illustrates. The mind is released that much more, the warm glow of doing a good thing only accentuates the raising of the good vibe bar, ready for that end of level boss. Don't let your stuff own you, it's not really yours anyway, it's transitional. It's all temporary, yet while you have it, treasure it for what it is.

Have fun out there, JT

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