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Our young people are changing, can you see and are we keeping up?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Going by numerology alone a fundamental shift in types of person being brought into Earthly existence has already occurred. The year 2000 saw the end of the 20th Century and all the other 1's that came before (in the birth date), and in it's place came the 21st Century with all birth dates starting with 2000...and something. The Mayan calendar spoke that by the time we hit 2012 there will be ushered in a whole new energy - that of green ray, heart chakra, as opposed to being stuck in the lower three, more survival energy centers. Our younger humans are not what we have known before and I wonder if the old one shoe fits all model works anymore?!

According to David A. Phillips, Numerology tell us that the 1's (those with the birth year of 1999 or anything in the 20th Century) says that 'the number the 1 refers to the expression of the physical body in terms of it's relationship to the outside world. It's a good indicator of how a person reacts to other people and circumstances. It tends to indicate the degree of personal self-control - or lack thereof. 1 is the foundation of the personality and and represents the ego and how it is expressed or suppressed'.

Whilst the number 2...

'2 is the key to intuition, sensitivity and feeling. It provides a valuable guide to the degree of your sensitivity and understanding of yourself, other people, life and all creation.'

Expect change.

What is definitely there to be seen is that we have allowed young people (our younger selves) to be way down the list of priorities, leaving us in a mess and young people increasingly distancing themselves from adults...and who can blame them?! The problem is it takes wisdom of the ages to guide and support our young people through certain times otherwise we see a cultural reset every generation...where it seems we are going backward, whilst technology races on, we as a species are being left behind - and most don't even know how to care about it.

We need to meet young people where they currently are and not with old models which once upon served a purpose which now simply prevents humanity from growing in any area other than conflict. It's what happens when the shoes doesn't really fit, the toes are naturally unhappy. Stop cramming your foot in there.

What can be done? Learn to meditate as a base. Like water being a fundamental ingredient to our being meditation is key. We can 'get by' with other things but they are tainted with insufficient ingredients that dilute the quality and experience. Drink good water (mind those taps now) and meditate.

Learn how to see yourself as yourself instead of reacting to stimulus all the time - it's not healthy...or helping anything. Take responsibility of the self, stop blaming any other external influence than yourself (as reality is not what we are taught to believe) and you will be able to figure what needs to be done to create a better existence for yourself and therefore, guess what? Others :) Everybody benefits.

Awareness - we have to be aware of what we are doing, how we are thinking and what gets said and done by us...on anything. Being aware of awareness itself is vital if you don't wish to be left behind in the polarising melee that is coming our way due to unconscious thinking; even more than now.

What happens when we become aware? We are aware that our thoughts (yes thoughts are indeed physical), speech and actions have a continual impact upon us, positive or negatively polarised and therefore take greater care of these powerful attributes. Starting now.

For example the collective human consciousness is aware that we don't want to see sad animals in zoo's and sea life centers. So much so that Canada recently banned the captivity of dolphins and whales in their country. Spain's Supreme Court has banned bull torture...forever (June 2019); let alone the mass awareness of plastic and the petroleum industry in general killing literally everything around us whilst we remain largely silent, still, accepting, scared, debilitated, unconscious. Where's your wild animals? All power to the people continuing to put their energies in the places that are needed. With love x

Again, what can I do about it, I'm just one person?

As the Dalai Lama once said, "If you think one tiny being can't make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito".

You know what to do in your own realm; pick up rubbish (yours and other where possible); recycle; think, speak and act like that person is an extension of yourself...because they are (fact)...even if you don't like them; they are them so you don't have to be. Be kind, smile (even if you don't mean it at the time), the practice/action brings on the real thing soon as you get a positive response...guaranteed. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Learn - it's really not difficult - contact if you would appreciate some help in this arena, it's fine.

Setting intentions about how you want things to be is vital for the coming about of ease of everything. Make the intention realistic and something you can work towards at the same time - you absolutely need to meet the Universe half way. Only reactivity comes to us when we are slow to act on our intention. When intending (in a meditative setting) be sure to include the elevated emotion (thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza) to ensure there is a strong emotion attached to the intention otherwise your sent frequency/intention will be too weak to really reach anywhere.

Our 'real'/3D world works this way...continuously...which is why we're in the current mess we are. Where is this information in schools, anywhere? If we don't know how to manage the self then we are simply a bag of useless, unconscious, low level experience of which benefits the ones who want you stuck, dependent, sterile, autistic, starving, separate - you name it, it's now and we all are making it happen. I'm not looking that way, it's no longer acceptable - but what a great image/example of where never to go again!

It's you that saves the younger 'you's', with tiny steps in the right direction but we must take responsibility of the self to create the space/environment for our young ones to grow the only way they know how...intuitively. Us too.

We are being observed and therefore I wish us all well and anyway I can help, get in touch.

Keep up, wake up or be left behind and blame it on someone else - that should work! Hurt no more.

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