We are beings of nature – not separate, yet we spend the most part of our day surrounded by walls, many devices…all this under lighting that has little benefit to humans.  Our bodies require sunlight and space to roam and be and spending a life surrounded by concrete has separated us to the point that it’s weird, dirty and dangerous to be in nature, our natural environment; the Lifewise Outdoors programme seeks to work through and address the balance. 

Our clients learn the working of nature, our relationship with nature and its benefits, how to be in and amongst nature and feel it's positive impact directly whilst taking a visit into nature to experience your findings. 

The concept here is connection; from here comes respect, from here comes peace, calm and clarity and from here comes many future benefits - giving you, back to you.

This can be individual (bespoke) days or as a 3 day course of which;

Day 1 - class based, theory models, experiments and learning to be in nature 

Day 2 - put findings into practice, connect with nature on our outdoor experience.  Overnights are available 

Day 3 - conclusion of findings day and moving forward 

Costing is at...(contact your interest). 

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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