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Proceed to following pages to see the various projects occurring at Tokko Youth Space.

Tokko Youth Space is 5 story multi-use building dedicated to 'helping young people to advance in life through support, recreation and leisure'.  It's a vibrant five story youth space with lots on offer from recreation to a variety of projects for young people in and around Luton, England as part of the MyPlace initiative with a dedicated, motivated and friendly team with a big heart. 

Tokko Youth Space, 7 Gordon Street, Luton, LU1 2QP. 

Check www.tokko.co.uk for more details 


  • Quantum Touch Energy Healing Practitioner

  • Full body Swedish Massage Practitioner

  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner

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To book for these services feel free to contact and for more details should you wish

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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