In unbalanced times we under-perform, lead to and by the wrong people and situations, get frustrated and angry, often acting on that - making the issue worse than what it was before.  The personal mentoring sessions seek personal balance, harmony and awareness for the individual utilising our progressive and unique approach.


The mentoring sessions begin getting to know the client and simply letting the sessions go at their own pace.  Everybody's needs are different.  Running throughout the Mentoring sessions is the Lifewise Fundamentals program (details on the site or contact), however is more bespoke to the individual and engaged as and when topics arise naturally. 

The approach is to highlight fundamental, peer reviewed and documented information that has been largely missed or not valued by many which has heavily and negatively impacted us from an early age.  Information, leading to experience which positively impacts multiple angles of a persons life, rebuilding on what was already there to begin with.  


These are non-clinical talking sessions which includes useful tools to help manage anxiety, lonliness, separation, hurt and the like helping create balance, harmony and oneness. 

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Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 10pm BST / 2pm PT