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Ready to change your life?


The Lifewise Programme consists of 12 sessions at 1hr, face to face that get you back into balance with yourself; achieving true and lasting transformation. 

The course covers:

Personal profile 

Numerology birth chart session 

Reflective Universe model and goalsetting

Frequency model - seeing life through a different lens

Positive projection 

Intention and elevated emotion 

Connection and interconnection


Breathing techniques for clarity and calm 

Heart-brain coherence 

The art of non-clinging

Quantum Touch energy healing 

A lot of my clients have tried CBT, counselling and other physical and emotional 'therapies' of which have not seemed to work for them.  The Lifewise Programme has helped them move on past and through their current issues to personal transformation. 

I invite you to get in touch and engage in free consultation for cost and to see whether this course is for you. 

  We minimalise and eradicate:

Over anxiety

Feeling disconnected

Relationship issues

Feeling stuck and lost

Moving forward


Emotional imbalance 

Physcial and emotional pain and related issues 

Helping to create balance, harmony and connection for the self and therefore others around you. 


The Lifewise Programme works by acknowledging we are made up of all energies and experiences, culminating into who we are and what we currently experience.  

Working with the whole person as a collective we achieve positive results quickly.  

Click here to start your journey

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