Tokko Youth Space gave me the space to create and blend Lifewise into various projects and as metioned before, then into its own entity as part of the Tokko Youth Space project portfolio.  

Lifewise has since enjoyed working at a number of schools on Well-being Days as part of Mental Health and Healthy Lifestyles talks, up to numbers of 60 per group, five times a day.  I have left these events with teachers explaining that they wished there was more of this kind of information available for young people in schools.  Which does beg the question.  Why isn't it?  Many variables in that answer but for now I would like to proceed those who see the value in Lifewise and help improve young peoples school and life experience. 

We have also had the pleasure of working with the Princes Trust in talks on creating collaborative project(s) that could best benefit the wider audience.  More on this soon. 

My wish for Lifewise is to grow organically and for organisations working with young people to see the value in Lifewise and get in touch to start the discussion. 

Below are the leaflets for the Fundamentals, Mentoring and Outdoors strands run at Tokko Youth Space, Luton, England, UK. 

If you are interested then please do feel free to contact

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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