To test the Lifewise model I ran certain parts of the larger lifewise picture through a number of projects at Tokko with a range of young people which achieved some great results and spurred many conversations with various other youth organisations, both locally and nationally.  Spurred on by feedback and the bigger picture I created Lifewise as a stand alone project under the Tokko Youth Space banner. 


Lifewise™ at Tokko Youth Space is made up of 3 different projects which can overlap as seen fit to the individual/audience.  The sessions are aimed to build on our client’s mental wealth and overall wellbeing.  The aim in turn is to lead the client to a better personal foundation towards reaching their personal goal(s) – with clarity and awareness, giving the self back to the self.


Lifewise 3 strands at Tokko Youth Space;

  1. Lifewise Fundamentals project – underpinning awareness, mindfulness and well-being, this innovative programme touches upon the little discussed yet highly positive life areas of consciousness, energy (flow and interaction), our forgotten human abilities; how to utilise them and make a real difference in life.  Thus enabling the audience to re-discover and build on valuable tools in an otherwise underused ‘tool kit’.  Some tools we utilise are meditation, breathing exercises, awareness training, Lifewise Tool Box and more.  Lifewise Fundamentals is typically a 5 session, 2hrs per session project but can be modified to suit the audience. 

  2. Lifewise Mentoring – friendly and personable 1:1 sessions with a professional and traditional mentoring approach yet running through the content of Lifewise Fundamentals but on a 1:1 basis.  Here we have the ability to check in regularly and personalise the programme to suit the individual.  

  3. Lifewise Outdoors – teaches how to optimise the benefits of being outdoors, experiencing nature; skills we seem to lack more as we depend more on technology.  The beginning sessions are classroom based learning the importance of connection and witnessing nature.  After which we spend quality reflective and inspirational time amongst nature, connecting with our natural environment - learning how to be to get the most from our natural environment.  An endlessly beneficial experience which we run as a stand-alone project or joined with the Fundamentals and or Mentoring projects.


How can Lifewise benefit you?

Do you or someone you know suffer with what could have been preventable mental health concerns?

  • If yes then our personable approach meets the person on their level and supports working through feelings.

  • Through our friendly and progressive approach we create a space for the person to grow organically; less held back by outside influences - giving you back to you. 

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Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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