Everything that’s worth anything stems from loving-kindness; deed, voice and action, quality relationships, guidance, beneficial education and similar heart-based angles.  The Lifewise Fundamentals programme celebrates the human that we deserve to be whilst directly working towards improving life - not what is largely currently deemed acceptable by the majority.  Our collective environments deserve to be a better place and that starts with the individual, and continues that way – not someone else’s problem!


Learning the foundations of what we are, our being, creating, doing and using this information is what this programme is about.  We re-build personal foundations blending ancient wisdom with up-to-the-minute scientific findings that run in harmony.  In this programme you will learn tools and a wide variety of energy / life easing techniques to better navigate life’s imbalances and use practical tools to use in everyday life - giving you, back to you. 


We learn and use meditation and breathing techniques, intention and mind projection techniques and much more. This is a bespoke program to suit the audience’s requirements.

Fundamentals is typically run as 5 sessions at 2 hours each.  Group size can vary.  Book now or email for more information.  

Contact to create a different journey.  

Seeking Balance, Harmony and Oneness

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 10pm BST / 2pm PT