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Update - The Fundamentals Course is currently offered as 1-2-1 as well as group sessions 


1-2-1 and group options


Everything that’s worth anything stems from loving-kindness; thought, voice and action; along with quality relationships, guidance, beneficial education and similar heart-based angles. 


The Lifewise Fundamentals course assists the person in getting to know their non-physical self as well as the physical side of things.  Which opens personal doors to laser focusing intent on what's right for them whilst mutually benefiting those around them at the same time.   


We discuss...

Energy 101


Sound/vibration > light > stuff

The ego


Breath and breathing



The Spiritual Swiss Army Knife

Lifewise Toolbox

Human possibilities



...and more besides.


The Fundamentals Course celebrates the human that we deserve to be, whilst directly working towards improving life - not what is largely currently deemed acceptable by the majority.  The current low vibrational state of us comes down to certain factors, many of which are external.  However, if we do not meet our challenges half way, we get stale and expect too much without the adventure - and lose.  You will lose your health, friends, your sanity, your fun.  You may be feeling this?


Our self and collective environments deserve to be a better place and that starts with the individual and radiates from there to influence others by means of light.  Light being information.  A beacon. 


Learning the foundations of what we are, our being, energetic existence, our co-creative power, light, sound and vibration, belief and knowing our connection and much more besides is all included in this course.  Simply contact below for information. 


Since 2017 our clients have re-built personal foundations blending non-physical, non-material experience and information linking with the seemingly more physical existence to beneficial effect. 

This course will help you learn tools to better navigate life’s imbalances and give you, back to you.   

Group - 5 x 2hr sessions

1-2-1 - 10 x 1hr sessions 

Bespoke sessions to be discussed 


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