The sessions begin with initially getting to know each other and simply letting the sessions go at their own pace.  Running throughout the Mentoring sessions is the Lifewise Fundamentals program (details on the site or contact), however is more bespoke to the individual and engaged as and when topics arise naturally. 

The approach is to go back and put in place fundamental information that has been largely missed or not valued by many which has heavily and negatively impacted us from an early age; of which positively impacts on every angle of a persons life, rebuilding on what was already epic to begin with.  


This is a talking therapy which works through useful daily tools to help manage anxiety, lonliness, hurt and more.  We build a bridge between you, some very useful information the very latest scientific findings where necessary to create ease in everyday life - giving you, back to you.

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Lifewise is Committed to the Raising of Individual and Collective Consciousness

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