Following a personal energetic/spiritual(?) shift/adjustment in late 2013 I was 'encouraged' into a world of learning I had previously felt but knew little about.  Following this 'shift' I was propelled into a world of metaphysics, the worlds of the weird and wonderful - seen and unseen, sound, light, vibration, self-betterment and the quest for balance of the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.  
The challenge has been in soaking up and (where possible) following up information and learning to integrate into my own life.  Much of which I have...and I'm very grateful for it.  Ongoing. 
I chose to personally experience as much as possible to evidence for myself what I was learning in a bid to know we are more than the standard model says.
Following many years of investigation and working with people I have blended this learning into an effective delivery of projects and support the development of the mind, body, spirit complex that is us. 
20+ years delivering holistic modalities I still strongly value the 'wholistic' approach to life.  This recent process however brought an acceleration and determination to raise the collective vibration because on many levels, we're in trouble.  I'm still learning, still questioning, progressing and expanding. 
Following subtle guidance (and not so subtle) which felt positive it lead me to traditional, some might say 'alternative' worlds of healing/medicine, metaphysics, the esoteric and advanced ancient wisdom, alongside new science where necessary.  The continual learning and discovery has repeatedly challenged and changed my ideas of how life can be...and if not just for my little sphere, why not for all?  The journey of everyone.  We have the tools - who's teaching us to use them?  
The importance of the raising of the collective vibration (our human experience) through conscious awareness, discernment and personal commitment to vastly improve, is required to step into the light and create a world we look at and love - not wince at and feel powerless.  It's all there.  Our personal spheres are in constant interaction with others, therefore your vibration matters.  It matters much. 
Years on and I have developed what seems a welcomed model of supporting people to re-discover innate skills and abilities to help move forward from many of life's blockages. 
Lifewise has evolved with divine guidance, teachers, support and feedback from the people worked with throughout the years, providing valuable feedback leading to the confidence in the content and delivery.  The Collective. 
You can find some feedback at Success Stories
I have worked in the Youth Work industry since 2002 which has allowed me a rich view of the motivating factors and the pressures young people are increasingly subjected to; without beneficial, heart-based guidance from the adult world this is often to their detriment - alongside those who do 'OK'...and the chosen few Gifted and Talented. 
We require grassroots investment in the future however are (in the main) guided to live reactionary and for anything external to fill the personal void whilst missing the mark by an age (sometimes many).  This approach doesn't work and never really did. 
We are beings of connection, expansion, love, kindness, compassion and cooperation but are living like the opposite is of more urgency - it isn't.  Are we looking in the wrong direction for the right answers? 
"There is no great virtue in being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"  ///Jiddu Krishnamurti
From the moment we are born we are trained to give our power over to others who believe they can do a better job than ourselves at looking out for us.  This may seem great on the surface but renders us at the whim of people who are paid to think their best interests are with us.  How can this be when money, power and 'success' be the governing factors? 
If we are to grow and thrive in such tumultuous times a re-energised, clear thinking, heart based and confident human is required...and this being a minimum requirement. 
I created the Lifewise Collective to provide a balance to people's lives and in turn enrich others as it has enriched mine every step of the way, and still continues.  In finding personal evidence I have put myself on a number of missions to live what I have learned,  experiencing...
  • Energy healing modalities 
  • Self healing
  • Meditation
  • Powerful breathe and breathing techniques
  • Awareness and continual adjustment in all areas of life
  • Working with sound, vibration, lightcolour and shape for various implications on health
  • That the sharing of personal stories that in the main are not touched upon which makes up the vast majority of our existence are imperative to integrate to our 'story'.  Joining the dots. 
...the list keeps growing. 
There are many good people out there doing good work in raising consciousness and Lifewise is just one.  More are required to make love-light shine free and bright and get us out of our worldly funk. 
invite you to look through the website, peruse the programs on offer and when something resonates, act on that and get in contact.  If I can help, I will. 
All love,

How can Lifewise benefit you?

Do you or someone you know suffer with what could have been preventable life conditions?

  • If yes then our personable approach meets the person on their level and supports working through feelings and experiences.

  • Through our friendly and progressive approach we create a space for the person to grow organically; less held back by outside influences - giving you back to you. 

  • See contact to make a booking or free consultation. 

The strands to Lifewise - a brief summary;

  1. Quantum Touch Energy Healing - is a gentle, non-invasive and yet exceptionally effective energy healing modality.  Can be accessed both hands on light touch or distant healing. Click on link for more details and to book.

  2. Lifewise Fundamentals –  5 session course (2hrs per session) underpinning awareness, balance, our energetic self, mindfulness and well-being.  This innovative and inspirational program explores how the non-material, non-physical self affects the emotional and physical us and how we can learn to take greater control of life. 

  3. Lifewise Mentoring – friendly and personable 1-2-1 sessions with a professional mentor and Youth & Community Worker and a personalised Lifewise development plan giving traditional mentoring a revamp.

  4. Lifewise 1:1 Support - in conjunction with Quantum Touch Energy Healing this session makes sense or without.  If conventional support systems have not worked the way you thought would; these sessions support the adult (19+) through re-discovering your best self and maintaining that you.  The little improvements we make now count. 

  5. Lifewise OutdoorsNature connection is key.  Learn the benefits of being outdoors and our connection with nature.  LW takes small groups out to spend quality reflective and inspirational time amongst nature and connect with our natural environment.  Contact for more details. 

  6. Lifewise Open Voice - discussion based group work exploring the stranger, almost fictional sides of life that make up 98% of our existence.  Explore consciousness, reality, intention and the links that bring us together.  Explore, share and learn tools to better navigate this Earth plane.  

Lifewise is Committed to the Raising of Individual and Collective Consciousness

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