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One to One Support 

We can all feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, reactionary, empty or dis-eased at any point in our life over just about anything - our everyday environment shapes who we are at any given point and can turn on a dime rendering us less the person we were just yesterday. 
Utilising the tools learned within Lifewise 1:1 Support sessions we guide and remind one to be on track to autonomy and towards staying there - even when we slip...especially when we slip!
The world on view seems to be a full 180 degrees on what seems beneficial therefore personal balance is vital to navigate such challenging times, individually, collectively and even planetary.  It is only by working on the self (with dedication) do we get to get back to our calm centre where we can maintain equilibrium.  
Learning to understand, create and walk the 'inner journey' is of imperative spiritual/other, emotional and physical importance.  Without building on our own 'environment' and enjoying the expansion we are at the whim of others 'spheres' of which take over our lives, draining the very living energy away from us. 
This leaves one fatigued, unprepared, reactionary, worn down finding answers in negative places for a quick fix.  These sessions work on re-membering from the literal inside out ensuring one is less at the whim of others. 
We have the innate skills to maintain this way of being and growing in this way, rendering the societal world a lot easier to deal fact a playground of everything.  Currently in the societal set up we are largely undervalued in the big scheme of things and the only person giving you back to you...with a little guidance and support from Lifewise along the way :)
In the Lifewise 1:1 Support sessions we...
Unpick what is creating an unhelpful spiral 
Uncover the meaning of the inner journey and how to build on it
Learn how to better manage the unhelpful viewpoints of others whilst building a stronger foundation for the self 
Re-member and balance the self 
Work through the Lifewise Checklist
Learn a variety of breathing, intention and meditation techniques to enrich the daily experience 
Learn that it is you with the answers you deserve 
Learn a wide variety of 'tools' that fit you and practice to add to your day
Feel immediate results
Learn to give yourself back to yourself
These sessions are on a 1:1 basis and are between 1 - 2 hours per session with a review after session 12. 
Simply contact your interest or book online (coming soon) to start your journey.  
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